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Stick Letters

Materials: Straws, Popsicle Sticks,pipe cleaners, or Pencils
Ask your child to create various Line letters ( A,E,F,H,I,K,L,M,N,T,V,W,X,Y,Z) with the material you Have. Then challenge your children to try to create words (THE, IT, IN, WITH).


The Long and Short of it

Materials: String or object to measure, ruler, nonstandard measurement item ( pennies, blocks, etc) 
Have your child first measure their item with a non standard measurement tool. Have them write down the number. Then have them measure with the ruler. And write down the number. Compare the numbers for what is greater and what is less or if they are equal.


What’s for Snack?

Using the attached recipe for trail mix in my Friday note, read over the recipe with your child. Ask questions about the words in the recipe, the numbers, counting and drawing how many cups they ask for, etc.


Secret numbers

Numeral Cards 1-10 
Show your child a card with the quantity of an item on it . For example, a card with one smiley face on it will represent the number 1 . Then ask your child to find the number that matches your card. Repeat until you get to ten.


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